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About Us
Social Media Technology Group (SMTG) is a consortium company of
  • Digital media system engineers
  • Software architects
  • Developers and
  • Experienced journalists
Our team is drawn from selective professionals with diverse backgrounds such as system engineers in Hollywood and veteran architects with work experience in Microsoft, IBM, Wipro etc. We are aided and guided by a group of journalists who worked in the US and Indian media. Together, SMTG created the most vibrant and experienced technology development group working on any aspect of Social Media - be it content sharing, management or promoting the business in Facebook/Twitter. We provide a complete solution to social media development for your website, project or business.

Online digital media is fast converging to social networking media as evident from the fact, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkdin and Myspace are far ahead in terms of online advertisement potential and web traffic when compared with the mainstream media CNN, Fox, Disney, NewYork Times etc. So even CNN and Fox were forced to start their own Social media: I-report and U-report.

Today not only the online or Cable media, even ecommerce sites need to promote social networking among its users and buyers. Because information these days are shared with the friends instead of aired by CNN. Also large corporates are deploying social networking features in their intranet to increase interaction among their employees.

From funtional technology development perspective,  software development in social media development consists of a few key modules

  • Uploading, sharing and publishing of text (html, pdf), audio(WMA,mp3), video (mp4,wmv, avi, 3gp) and URL by any registered user
  • Commenting, rating, flagging and blog facility
  • Moderation to delete vandalism and undesired contents
  • Linking the publication feature with the existing design
  • Finally connecting the contents to the Facebook/Twitter account of the individual users and RSS feeds to different forums
Social Media Technology Group (SMTG) provides full spectrum of solution as stated above with its flagship product :
  • SMTG-uploaderTM
  • SMTG-contentmanagementTM and
  • SMTG-Social Networking connectorsTM
Besides it offers extremely cost effective solution for promoting your business through Facebook/Orkut/Twitter.
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