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Educational eCommerce
We offer a total customizable web based software product "EDZ" to distribute educational contents either by print or by secured pdf or MP4 files. Our secured pdf is protected with double layers of security. The system offers unparalleled cost saving since it reduces the distribution price by cutting down bulk expense of postal service and printing production.

Following are the salient features of EDZ

  1. It supports both subscription based and one time buy option
  2. Fully customizable content management service
  3. Fully customizable order processing and order fulfillment module
  4. Web based service- easily integrable with your existing website
  5. You can distribute your educational package either by traditional printed materials or by secured pdf or both
  6. Fully integrable with your bank or paypal account
  7. We also offer social media promotion of the package

Please send us an email ( ) to learn more about EDZ.
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