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Social Media Marketing Solutions : Overview
Social Media Technology Group (SMTG) also provides cost effective but expert manpower to promote your business through Facebook and Youtube mainly ( we also work in Orkut and Twitter).

We have slated rates for each of the promotion type ( Contact us for Rate Card : ).

We are 35 employee ( with 50 more part time campaigners in back up) strong company with 2/3rd of them are engaged in approximately 60 social media marketing projects we are managing for our clients. 
( for more details )

We are perhaps the largest outsourcing house for social media campaign at this point. 80% of our business are from Social Media companies in USA who outsource or partner with us. We provide not only manpower to them-we also provide strategy, IT and our social media resource necessary for them to satisfy their clients.

For last couple of years, Facebook and Youtube emerged as the two key distribution medium for business promotion. Designing advertisement in Facebook targeting the desired demographic needs high level of prior experience in Facebook promotion. Besides, there exist different kinds of techniques to promote your product in Facebook (Contact us for Rate Card : and we know which kind of technique will work best for your promotional need. Therefore, our marketing expert will talk to you, understand your need and then formulate a promotion project following your marketing requirements. In youtube also, we would devise your marketing strategy for promotional video contents.
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