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NGO/NPO Social Networking
In the last one decade, Governments of India and United States pushed most of the social welfare projects through Non-Government Organizations ( NGO) or Non Profit Organizations (NPO). As the NGOs have started doing more projects, they are facing acute need to modernize their website for better public relation, project tracking/reporting and sometimes to get more volunteers involved with them.

We have developed a new web Engine -Social NDZ to help NGO/NPOs. This Engine is used to customize the present website of the NGOs/NPOs with the enabling features such as:

  1. Publishing of photos, videos, news and events automatically
  2. Reporting facility from remote location
  3. Integration with Facebook so that it can extend its appeal to larger audience
  4. Fundraising effort integration
  5. Ecommerce or online selling option for manufactured goods
  6. Embed various office database in Web itself so that they can work from any location

From our creations:
  1. Washington Kali Temple
  2. Vihara Foundation
  3. Global Indo Diaspora Heritage Society
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