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Social Media Products : Overview
For demonstration of any of the module-please register in and request for a "guest moderator account" (send request to to understand the functions associated with it)

Increasing dynamic interaction with the customers and the users, emerged as key to business success and the most formidable advertisement technique for last few years.  To deploy different techniques of social media integration with the existing website to enhance dynamic interaction with the customers Social Media Technology Group (SMTG) provides the full spectrum of flagship products : SMTG-uploaderTM, SMTG-contentmanagementTM and SMTG-Social Networking connectorsTM

Together, all these modules serve the total need of dynamic interaction with the web contents as well as the product promotion needed by the site.

  1. Uploading, sharing and publishing of text (html, pdf), audio(WMA,mp3), video (mp4,wmv, avi, 3gp) and URL by any registered user
  2. Commenting, rating, flagging and blog facility
  3. Moderation to delete vandalism and undesired contents
  4. Linking the publication feature with the existing design
  5. Finally connecting the contents to the Facebook/Twitter account of the individual users and different forums
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