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Web Marketing

1. Google Ad Words Management :
Target reach : Between 1-10 million targeted impression in Google Display Network (GDN) and around thousands in Google Search Network (GSN) according to classified geography, demography and language.

We optimize the Google Ad Words campaign for maximum leads within a limited budget.
Typical cost $300-1000 per month and our charge is 15% surcharge on Google payment.
2. Google SEO implementation:
Between 6 to 12 months, we will bring the business webpage on top of Google Organic search.
100% guaranteed service-100% money refund. Typical cost between $200-$600 per month 
+ performance guarantee bonus. For more details:

3. Social Media Push Campaign :
Facebook page for micro-broadcasting media development  among target communities :

3.1 Bringing  target connections/fans to the page. $250-500 per 1000 connections/fans
3.2 Social content push : $50-100 per month
3.3 Viral Push to 1million +  Target Facebook profiles : $500 per month

For more details :

4. LinkedIn B2B campaign:
4.1 You specify 100 top companies for your business, we will connect you and promote your among the targeted executives 
4.2 Promote your service and products among targeted LinkedIn & Facebook Groups.

( Starting from $350 to $800 per month depending on volumes of work)

5. Micro-social Network for Integrated SEO, Facebook, LinkedIn and Email Blasting campaign

5.1  Micro-social media build to develop multiple communities of target customers and email blasting without no spam 
5.2  Integrating with existing Facebook page, Tweeter account
5.3  SEO push ( QUAD service)

For more details :

$1000-2500 per month depending on number of groups and number of people in the group

6. Email Blasting Campaign

6.1 Between 100,000-200,000 emails/database push ~ $350-$500 per month, 20 newsletters per month. We prepare the newsletter as well.
6.2  Free if it is done through Micro-social media


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